A chinpose is a social object

I really love this picture on a number of levels. First off it captures not just one but two chinposes. It also really does an incredible job of pointing the way to Marilyn Pratt‘s character, with its dual aspect. Marilyn works at SAP – she is a hardcore communitarian, having spent much of her life on a kibbutz. Anyone with any depth of character, with strong ties to Israel, has to have some sadness deep in the core right now, but Marilyn also has some of that old-fashioned social(ist) optimism and belief in the human spirit and capacity to make things better through self-reliance (kibbutzim again). There is something harsh and stern in the character, yet also something whimsical. Here we see two faces of Israel in one picture, which started as a chinpose. Its surely no coincidence, although I am not sure she would have realised the parallel when she tagged the picture on flickr, that her blog is called A time to mourn a time to rejoice. Two sides of the coin- deep experiences both.

Its a pleasure to know Marilyn, and I consider her to be an important member of both my community, and now evidently the chinposin posse too.

When we began the chinposin game, I had no idea how deep the conversation might run.

I would like for you all to join – after all, it seems to me that a chinpose is a classic social object, and chinposin is a great place to have that conversation. Like Hugh I believe social objects are the future of marketing, because the future of marketing responds to who we are, rather than trying to ram Hollywood Toothpaste down our craws. Who are you? How did you get here? What’s your chinpose? Where do you find meaning?

Marilyn’s credibility comes from her background. With this chinpose its amplified.


March 7, 2008. 1.

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    […] called out Marilyn Pratt here before, but its worth doing so again. A gillmorian gesture, a macleodian social object, this image […]

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