chinposin as emotional interplay, not a shadepose

@dahowlett tells me that steve gillmor doesn’t get chinposin. Well alrighty.

This is what I think:

James Governor monkchips I mean how can you look at @marilynpratt‘s image today and not “get” chinposin?
James Governor monkchips a backchannel for the semantics of emotion and play. gesture.
James Governor monkchips ambient avatars enable new modes of ambient intimacy. its all about the gesture. its all about the raised eyebrow, the shrug, the grimace
James Governor monkchips when i use an ambient avatar i don’t interrupt your stream with a link, or tinyurl. semantics in flight, in one nice neat thumbnail. gesture
James Governor monkchips stevegillmor will understand chinposin when he realises its all about the gesture, rather than the link. active ambient avatars are gestural

We’ve called out Marilyn Pratt here before, but its worth doing so again. A gillmorian gesture, a macleodian social object, this image is… deep. As is Marilyn.


April 4, 2008. 1.

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