Sexy Beast chinposin

So when I announced last night that today we’d be stylin for a Friday Chinposin in Shades, I had high hopes the community would come up with some good avatar pics. I wasn’t disappointed. Dennis Howlett, the accmanpro, looks more like a rough and tumble lag on the Costa Del Crime or a film-star of a certain age than a blog troublemaker.

Dennis- you’re a Sexy Beast.


April 4, 2008. 1.


  1. Tom Raftery replied:


    D’oh! I live in Ireland. What are shades? 😉

  2. Dennis Howlett replied:

    Jude thinks the second guy ‘looks good.’

  3. Tom Raftery replied:

    Tell Jude he (Ray Winstone) looks better in Beowolf!

  4. Catherine Helzerman replied:

    That second photo is just not right.

  5. More Gangsta « A chinposium for the chinerati replied:

    […] Andy Scherer, giving Den a run for his money. More New Jersey than Costa Del Crime […]

  6. monkchips replied:

    cheers tom. beowulf is it?

  7. People Over Process » links for 2008-04-05 replied:

    […] Sexy Beast chinposin « A chinposium for the chinerati Man, that was a snazy movie. I need a mega necklace like that dude. And a tan. (tags: chinposen DennisHowlett film) […]

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