OK its kind of kooky but me and chris noticed some time ago that op-eds they always pose with the chin in hand. Do we really walk around and hold these poses? Some do sure, but its such a strong photographic idea. When I used to work on magazines the Op-Ed photos always had to be chin poses.

So last week I used a silly avatar pic on twitter, with a chin holdin pose. lots of comments and a week of gestation later I had a dumb idea. Lets try and get other people chinholdin. Why not make it a Fun thing for Friday on Twitter.

We did pretty well, and we’re up to about 35 people this week. Next week we’ll do better. Twitter users just need to make their avatar pic a chin pose and then follow @chinposin.

Please join us for a chin and tonic some time. And now let the fun begin. Oh yeah – here is the chinposin aggregator site– there are some classics there.

The fantastic chinposin pic above, someone jumping in chin first, is our very own Joshua Porter, @bokardo.



  1. monkchips replied:

    the 35 misunderestimated initial numbers- we counted more than 50 by the time we’d worked out what was going on during the weekend…

  2. joncollins replied:

    Seems to me that there are personality types emerging, based on people’s interpretation of what holding a chin is all about. These include:

    – Gravity – such chinposers furrow their brows and grasp their chins between thumb and forefinger, as if holding the front of their heads might in some way alleviate the situation mapped out before them

    – Astonishment – part surprise, part incredulity causes the movement of hand to chin

    – Wry disappointment – witnessed frequently when taking one’s car in for a service, only to leave wondering whether one could really have been so stupid in the past. Requires gentle head shaking

    – Impossibility – the only reason to hold the chin is because there is no other action left in what has become a disappearing spiral of pointlessness

    – Whimsical elitism – the Derren Brown effect, or affectation results in a quick chin-clasp to indicate how very, very insignificant everyone else is

    – Deep thought – when the chin support becomes a necessary element of a posture involving reduction of blood supply to all body parts apart from the brain, which suddenly becomes inordinately heavy.

    I’m sure more will become clear as the chinerati sample size grows.

  3. James Governor’s Monkchips » On Building a Social Media Platform and Community: Three Legs replied:

    […] and social software tooling. Well I recently started learning a lot more about these things. What started as a joke, is now picking up steam. Stowe Boyd doesn’t point to what you’re doing if it […]

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