Theme for Today: Model Behaviour

I don’t know where these themes come from. Really. Today’s is model behaviour. These days when I am walking around I try and capture any good chinposes on whatever camera is to hand. Like this one.

Which became an avatar like so:

So we have had some great examples of model behaviour/the line of beauty… The best so far, imho, come from suki:

One reason I like it a lot the echoes of an earlier fantastic chinpose by Oliver. Annoyingly that was before we had a timeline… As soon as i get a copy i will post it here.


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More Gangsta

That’s Andy Scherer, giving Den a run for his money. More New Jersey than Costa Del Crime though.

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This week’s DFOF chinposin

Its not every year you come across a stylish geek, so when you do you want to capture the moment, like our soul mates over at DFOF. In that spirit check out @aneel today. Just check out that hat. Smokin! Where’d you get the shades, man?

And when we grow up we want to go to the same kind of chindigs:

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Beautiful Responsiveness: Notes on @bokardo

Today Josh Porter posted a great little avatar.

But he wasn’t wearing shades, so we asked him in the back channel for an update. Aces!

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chinposin as emotional interplay, not a shadepose

@dahowlett tells me that steve gillmor doesn’t get chinposin. Well alrighty.

This is what I think:

James Governor monkchips I mean how can you look at @marilynpratt‘s image today and not “get” chinposin?
James Governor monkchips a backchannel for the semantics of emotion and play. gesture.
James Governor monkchips ambient avatars enable new modes of ambient intimacy. its all about the gesture. its all about the raised eyebrow, the shrug, the grimace
James Governor monkchips when i use an ambient avatar i don’t interrupt your stream with a link, or tinyurl. semantics in flight, in one nice neat thumbnail. gesture
James Governor monkchips stevegillmor will understand chinposin when he realises its all about the gesture, rather than the link. active ambient avatars are gestural

We’ve called out Marilyn Pratt here before, but its worth doing so again. A gillmorian gesture, a macleodian social object, this image is… deep. As is Marilyn.

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I was blind. I can see. Or somechin like that

Johnnie turns the lights out with authority. Snoozechin.

Over at his blog I also noticed this bonus pic which I hope he uses for a chinposin avatar one day. Its kind of scary. The authority of secrecy. shhhhhh…..Or he could just use it as his “confidentiality” pimping avatar.

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Sexy Beast chinposin

So when I announced last night that today we’d be stylin for a Friday Chinposin in Shades, I had high hopes the community would come up with some good avatar pics. I wasn’t disappointed. Dennis Howlett, the accmanpro, looks more like a rough and tumble lag on the Costa Del Crime or a film-star of a certain age than a blog troublemaker.

Dennis- you’re a Sexy Beast.

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@oliver is stylin. chinposin meets DFOF?

Oh my. @oliver is looking criss today! He wants help deciding which Chinpose to use. Damn he is stylin. I wonder what our brethren at Dedicated Followers Of Fashion think. Since when did SAP consulchin look like this? I mean Oliver is a style authority.

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QCON 2008 keynoters… chinposin

Randy Shoup, eBay distinguished architect just gave an amazing talk here at QCON 2008, steeped in architecture credibility and hardcore authority. He’s chinposin.

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Thinguy is unstoppable: chinposin on the iTouch


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