The story so far

So today I rolled out prenatal release v0.42.  Slowly but surely, chinposin starts taking shape.

Five days ago, James asked me

“Can you just do some code that pulls all the chin poses from twitter?”

Well 5 long days later, and we have somthing starting to turn quite interesting from a visual, behavioural and technical point of view.  The last 5 days have made me do alot of thinking about programming.  I have truly enjoyed working on this mashup and it’s just the start.  Chinposin has conjoured so many ideas, both from followers and from conversations with James.

So I am aiming to build some real value into chinposin, as I think the visualisation of your community is an important thing.

What I am aiming to do between now and Friday is to combine the flickr feed with the main twitter feed, continue to improve the interface with inclusion of more ajax api stuff and create an RSS feed for the combined stream.

Any suggestions, ether leave a comment here, or head over to the Chinposin conversation and bug reporting


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Chin Clients – Enterprise Authority

Chin clients

March 1, 2008. chin clients. Leave a comment.

Welcome to Chinposin

OK its kind of kooky but me and chris noticed some time ago that op-eds they always pose with the chin in hand. Do we really walk around and hold these poses? Some do sure, but its such a strong photographic idea. When I used to work on magazines the Op-Ed photos always had to be chin poses.

So last week I used a silly avatar pic on twitter, with a chin holdin pose. lots of comments and a week of gestation later I had a dumb idea. Lets try and get other people chinholdin. Why not make it a Fun thing for Friday on Twitter.

We did pretty well, and we’re up to about 35 people this week. Next week we’ll do better. Twitter users just need to make their avatar pic a chin pose and then follow @chinposin.

Please join us for a chin and tonic some time. And now let the fun begin. Oh yeah – here is the chinposin aggregator site– there are some classics there.

The fantastic chinposin pic above, someone jumping in chin first, is our very own Joshua Porter, @bokardo.

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