Sexy Beast chinposin

So when I announced last night that today we’d be stylin for a Friday Chinposin in Shades, I had high hopes the community would come up with some good avatar pics. I wasn’t disappointed. Dennis Howlett, the accmanpro, looks more like a rough and tumble lag on the Costa Del Crime or a film-star of a certain age than a blog troublemaker.

Dennis- you’re a Sexy Beast.


April 4, 2008. 1. 7 comments.

@oliver is stylin. chinposin meets DFOF?

Oh my. @oliver is looking criss today! He wants help deciding which Chinpose to use. Damn he is stylin. I wonder what our brethren at Dedicated Followers Of Fashion think. Since when did SAP consulchin look like this? I mean Oliver is a style authority.

March 14, 2008. 1. 1 comment.

3 chins are better than one

vdichev takes chinposin to a whole new level with a triple chin grab pose. There is a great buzz about chinposin today. Thanks for chinposin everyone.


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Loudmouthman gets loud on chinposin

So this morning, we have seen the first chinposes on seesmic.  Check out this one from Nicholas Butler AKA @loudmouthman


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QCON 2008 keynoters… chinposin

Randy Shoup, eBay distinguished architect just gave an amazing talk here at QCON 2008, steeped in architecture credibility and hardcore authority. He’s chinposin.

March 14, 2008. 1. Leave a comment.

Loic Le Meur takes it all lying down

This week, the chinerati have been growing.  We have even crossed into the seesmic offices with these great pictures from Dennis Howlett of Loic and VinVin.

March 14, 2008. chinposin. 1 comment.

Join the Chinposin Fan Club on Facebook

So last night I received a tweet from ferdy saying:

A social revolution without a facebook fan clun? chinposin fan club

That was a very good point. We had no Facebook integration. But now, we have a Facebook Group, created by the community, for the community.

I think it’s no secret that we can see the benefits of chinposin and the obvious way that we are integrating obvious features that are lacking elsewhere. We are simply adding stuff that we want ourselves, that we can’t get elsewere and using the sevices and platforms that we prefer.

Expect to see the redmonk chinposin before the end of the week and maybe a couple of others. We have a huge feature list of the elements that we want to intgrate. Ideally, we want the community to drive future features. So make sure you join the conversation over on

March 8, 2008. chinposin. Leave a comment.

Thinguy is unstoppable: chinposin on the iTouch


March 7, 2008. 1. 1 comment.

How To Sleep with Authority and Credibility


@shawnferry: “Shaving the Yak and taking pictures of it. While increasing ambient intimacy

March 7, 2008. 1. 2 comments.

Aneel nails it: Why chinposin?

@aneel works in network services. He is a scarily open guy. I didn’t expect him to join the chinposin movement, although he is hooked up with @Suki_MHC05, so I was really pleased when he posted this tweet:

“it’s good to be at the party. it’s an interesting, totally frivolous, but supremely satisfying, good-will like thing

That was the original idea. Thanks for describing the spirit of chinposin, Aneel.

Oh yeah- here is Suki’s chinpose, too. A Brit abroad, who misses her fish and chips.

March 7, 2008. 1. 1 comment.

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