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I thought I’d pop down details of chinposin releases, so you can see how it evolves. My aim is to have a prenatal release ready for this Friday, 7 th March 2008.
29 February 2008: version 0.1
Hurredly created the first release
Implemented twitter API functions
Created homepage to display chins
Created blog

1 March 2008: version 0.2
Implemented inclusion of Flickr photos tagged chinposin
Added stats for chins, tweeters and flickr pics.
Tweaked homepage design

2 March 2008: version 0.3
Implemented caching of twitter data to database
Implemented downloading of twitter profile pics
Implemeted admin script to check followers and cache new user data

3 March 2008: version 0.32
Implemented update feature, allowing user to update chinposin with their current twitter profile picture.

5 March 2008: version 0.42
Implemented Ajax User Interface
Built the framework for avatar rollback
Tweaked the user interface
Created bug reporting at

6 March 2008: version 0.5
Integrated flckr photos into the main stream.
Tweaked information on the interface.
Created chinposin Pownce user

Future planned integration:

Ajax UI – further develop the user interface
Combine the flickr and twitter avatars into one feed
RSS feed with enclosures for the combined feed
Gravatar – Grab the users current gravatar pic
Pownce – Grab the users profile pic when friended
Jaiku – Grab the users profile pic when friended

Planned Commands and Descriptions:

@chinposin update – updates to the users latest profile pic – 3/3/08
@chinposin goodbye – remove your profile pic from the experiment
@chinposin gravatar

If there are features you would like to see integrated, or ideas you would like to share, then leave a comment and I’ll do my best.


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